Science Hui informs communities about proposed Hikurangi Research Programme

20 months ago by Kate Boersen

Communities on the East Coast of the North Island will get the opportunity to find out more about a research programme focusing on Aotearoa’s largest fault the Hikurangi subduction zone...

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New database plots history of New Zealand palaeotsunamis

21 months ago by NIWA

The scientific records of some 50 palaeotsunamis to have hit New Zealand shores since written records began can now be accessed in a new one-stop information shop,

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Hawke’s Bay students getting hands-on at Science Camp

21 months ago by Helen Shea

Rocks, earthquakes and tsunami are up for discussion by budding young scientists at this year's science camp in The LAB at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier.

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Earthquake and tsunami detectives at work

22 months ago by Kate Boersen

Researchers from GNS Science have been working at the Pakarae River mouth north of Gisborne looking for evidence of past tsunami and earthquake events.

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How to stay on top during tough times

22 months ago by FarmStrong NZ

How do you get through tough times? Whether it’s a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flooding, a relationship break up or financial pressure, there are some basic things you can do to help get you through and stay on top.

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1931 Hawke's Bay Earthquake assists Liquefaction study

22 months ago by Helen Shea

A team of researchers has descended on Hawke’s Bay to study how liquefaction in the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake affected the region to help inform and hopefully improve future liquefaction assessment.

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Understanding tsunami risk on the East Coast of New Zealand

23 months ago by Helen Shea

Many people in Napier do not understand the difference between local and distance source tsunami events the different types of warnings they will receive.

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Coastal hazards strategy benefits from community commitment

23 months ago by Drew Broadly

Members of the community involved in Hawke’s Bay’s coastal hazards strategy are leading decision-making to manage risks from beach erosion, inundation by overtopping and sea level rise, and tsunami.

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Time for an adventure at sea?

23 months ago by Kate Boersen

Have you ever wanted to escape to sea to work on a cutting-edge science project about New Zealand’s largest fault?

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Earthquake rethink

23 months ago by John Callan

Last November's magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake was so complex and unusual that it is likely to lead to changes in the way scientists think about earthquake hazards in plate boundary zones worldwide, a new study says.

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