Virtual field trips bring natural hazards into classrooms

18 months ago by Earthquake Commission (EQC)

Over a thousand school children from across New Zealand have been taking part in a virtual field trip to the Hikurangi plate boundary.

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Research updates from the Boundary

18 months ago by Marion Tan

East Coast LAB hosted a number of scientists and research students for an afternoon at NIWA to share their work on or related to the East Coast.

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Joint NZ & US mission to repair tsunami warning station

18 months ago by GNS Science

A tsunami reporting station situated in the Pacific Ocean that is currently off line is to be repaired in a joint operation involving New Zealand and United States government agencies.

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Art meets Science at the Fault

18 months ago by Aliki Weststrate and Kate Boersen

A Tairāwhiti (Gisborne) region school competition is now open to raise awareness of the Hikurangi plate boundary, the largest earthquake and tsunami hazard in New Zealand.

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Multinational probe of Hikurangi subduction zone gets underway

18 months ago by John Callan

Scientists are preparing for New Zealand’s largest ever deployment of seafloor earthquake recording instruments in a bid to learn more about the earthquake behaviour of the tectonic plates beneath the...

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A wave of hazard research

19 months ago by NIWA

It is well known that earthquakes can trigger tsunami. We’ve all seen the warning signs: “If an earthquake is long or strong, get gone”.

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Understanding the Hikurangi subduction zone

19 months ago by Helen Shea and Kate Boersen

Hawke’s Bay mayors, councillors, council staff, taiwhenua representatives and Civil Defence staff from throughout New Zealand will have the opportunity to find out the most up to date information on...

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Let's Get Ready

19 months ago by Kate Boersen

The new ‘Let’s Get Ready’ programme is helping Kiwi kids and their families get ready for emergencies.

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Happy Birthday... to us!

19 months ago by Kate Boersen

East Coast LAB (Life at the Boundary) is celebrating its first birthday.

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Kaikoura quake triggered widespread slow-slip events

20 months ago by GNS Science

Last November’s magnitude 7.8 Kaikōura quake sparked a series of major slow-slip events on the shallow part of the subduction zone beneath the east coast of the North Island, new research published this week says.

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