River tsunami? New Zealand’s largest historical tsunami

13 months ago by Helen Shea and Kate Boersen

The first research of its kind to examine New Zealand’s largest historical tsunami has just been completed by University of New South Wales student, Geordie Donaldson

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How prepared are you?

14 months ago by Amandine Dhellemmes, David Johnston, Graham Leonard

For the last few months, scientists from GNS Science and Massey University - through the Joint Centre for Disaster Research (JCDR) - have been exploring tsunami awareness and preparedness along...

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World’s shallowest slow motion earthquakes detected off the North Island's east coast

15 months ago by Laura Wallace

An international team of researchers from the US, Japan and New Zealand have found that slow-motion earthquakes or “slow slip events” can rupture the shallow portion of a fault that...

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The Story of Ocosta School

15 months ago by Caroline Orchiston, David Johnston, Emily Lambie, Julia Becker, Kate Boersen, Steve Jensen

Ocosta School, Westport, Washington State, USA has developed the first tsunami vertical evacuation structure in western USA. Paula Ackerlun, the Superintendent of the School District in Westport, Washington State  was instrumental...

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Detectives at work: Understanding the Hikurangi tectonic plate boundary

16 months ago by Kate Boersen

National and international scientists have been working on three different research projects that aim to investigate the causes and consequences of previously undetectable tectonic movements, known as slow slip events,...

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Phone app helping scientists do science

16 months ago by Kate Boersen

A new app developed by U.S. scientists can turn your smartphone into an earthquake sensor and potentially save lives.

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New Zealand's real time earthquake monitoring

19 months ago by Kate Boersen

GeoNet is the official source of geological hazard information for New Zealand. It quickly identifies all the earthquakes we feel, plus it routinely locates more than 20,000 others each year...

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Te Hīkoi a Rūaumoko wins an award!

19 months ago by Helen Shea

The Me Noho Takatū project has won the local government category of Ngā Tohu Reo Māori – The National Māori Language Awards.

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Minor volcanic unrest continues at White Island

20 months ago by Kate Boersen

GNS scientists confirm minor volcanic unrest continues at White Island.

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Probing Silent Earthquakes

21 months ago by Helen Shea

A group of international scientists are heading ‘Down Under’ in 2018 to study slow-slip earthquakes on the seafloor on the East Coast of the North Island. The team will be travelling in...

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