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NZ3D #7: A job well done

2 years ago by Melissa Grey

full crew

After 32 days at sea on board the R/V Marcus G. Langseth, data acquisition is finally complete. It’s been quite an adventure. Data collection went smoothly, with only a few tense moments of bad weather and instrument down-time. The data looks great and now the only thing standing between the crew and land is the task of pulling in all the gear.

​Everyone gets involved helping to make sure we get everything back on board safely and quickly. After bringing the acoustic sources on board, we begin to slowly reel in the streamers, removing the birds one by one.

​Once all the birds are on board and the streamers are on their reels, we need to bring in the tailbuoy and paravanes. These are huge pieces of equipment and require big winches to secure them on deck.

​We have collected some really high quality data on board, with the streamer dataset already looking really detailed. The final steps will be to pick up the ocean bottom seismometers and land instruments, and see the data they have been recording this last month.

​A huge thank you to all the Langseth crew, science party and land deployment team, it’s been great!