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Tangaroa Blog #4 Seasickness

12 months ago by Kate Boersen

Deployment of US instrument

Before I left, I joked that there would be a day were I would write ‘sea sick’ and that would be it for the blog that day. Well if that was going to be any day, it would have been yesterday.

I have brought with me two different types of seasickness tablets and even sea sickness bands that you wear around your wrist but yesterday nothing seemed to be working.

They say it usually takes a few days to get used to being on board a ship and its motion. For the most part everyone else is okay and the crew are all-fine.

After a long shift last night I slept like a baby last night and thankfully, today is looking up and I haven’t been sick yet.

Since this morning we’ve had the GPS buoy out to survey a seafloor array, so the Captain is busy keeping the boat in the same place while making sure the GPS buoy stays out behind the boat. This buoy stays out for 12 hours so the rest of us having a bit of a quieter day.

Then in saying that, the scientists from NZ did get a bit nervous as they realised one of the instruments used to communicate with the seafloor sensors was no longer working… With a laptop power cable and a bit of kiwi ingenuity mixed with some US wisdom and years of experience, they got it back up and running in no time.

All our watch shift had to do today was record the time that the GPS array stopped and was taken out of the water! This means that the midnight to noon watch shift has all the hard work while Jen are I are sleeping – thanks Erin and Ryan.