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R/V JOIDES Resolution Updates

6 days ago by Aliki Westrate and Kate Boersen


The research ship JOIDES resolution is undertaking scientific drilling research from March-May 2018 offshore of the North Island’s East Coast to learn more about the processes that drive large  earthquakes and tsunami.

We are aware that some people are concerned about the drilling and coring research that is being undertaken and its purpose. The specific region being studied in this expedition is already known to have no potential as a gas hydrate resource, which is part of the reason drilling can proceed safely.

New Zealand’s participation in this expedition and in the International Ocean Discovery Programme is supported by Government scientific research funds.

We believe the more we understand about what causes these natural hazards to happen, the better we can be prepared. 

14/03/18: We're excited to reach Site 1 at the frontal thrust (aka hanging wall) of the Hikurangi subduction zone. And it's all hands on the catwalk when the very first core sample for #EXP375 is pulled up from 2700m more here.

13/03/18: #EXP375 is making good progress up the east coast of NZ, although the swell is keeping things interesting for many of us. We are due to reach site 1 later today, then the work really begins.

12/03/18: It was great to have a look around at all the different parts of the ship today - it's an amazing vessel - part industrial drill rig, part floating science lab. Read the trip blog here.

11/03/18: #EXP375 is off! We had a great 2 day port call in Timaru and a beautiful sunrise as we left. Let's hope Tangaroa (god of the sea) remains calm on our journey up the east coast of NZ to Gisborne. Cyclone Hola? Read the trip blog here.

10/03/18: Day 2 in port and we're seeing the CORK observatories for the first time - it's like Raiders of the lost ark meets Journey to the centre of the earth...They have taken 3 years to make and will sit in the fault for up to a decade