Tangaroa Blog #8 Getting to the core of it

22 days ago by Kate Boersen

Today marks the second stage of voyage with a focus on core samples off various sites off the coasts of Hawke’s Bay all the way down to Kaikoura.

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Tangaroa Blog #7 All aboard

23 days ago by Kate Boersen

Now that most of the instruments are out we had out first series of science presentation and looked at some of the data from the instruments.

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Tangaroa Blog #6 GPS boy vs GPS boo-ee

24 days ago by Kate Boersen

At 5am this morning the crew put out the GPS buoy (pronounced boo-ee by the US amongst us and ‘boy’ by the NZers - the ruling majority).

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Tangaroa Blog #5 More deployments

25 days ago by Kate Boersen

It was a bit difficult getting to sleep last night with all the noise being created by the midnight to noon shift deploying the first of the US instruments off...

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Tangaroa Blog #4 Seasickness

26 days ago by Kate Boersen

Before I left, I joked that there would be a day were I would write ‘sea sick’ and that would be it for the blog that day.

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Tangaroa Blog #3 Noon til midnight

27 days ago by Kate Boersen

After nearly 10 hours of sleep following my seasickness, I caught up on the meeting that I had missed from last night and learnt that I was going to be...

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Tangaroa Blog # 2 "I’m on a boat"

28 days ago by Kate Boersen

Late last night I was notified that my flight from Napier to Wellington was unfortunately cancelled due to the weather so this meant an early morning drive from Napier to...

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Tangaroa Blog #1 Off to sea

29 days ago by Kate Boersen

This weekend I’ll be joining a team of scientists from NZ, USA and Japan aboard NIWA’s research vessel, Tangaroa as they try and learn more about the Hikurangi plate boundary.

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East Coast Focus for Tangaroa Research Voyage

29 days ago by Helen Shea

A team of scientists will be learning more about the Hikurangi plate boundary over the next two weeks aboard NIWA’s research vessel, Tangaroa.

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School students get first hand look at specialised scientific research

36 days ago by Helen Shea

Te Awa School students have had the chance to experience first-hand specialised scientific research that will help inform and hopefully improve future liquefaction assessment.

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