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Tsunami Hīkoi

Practise your tsunami hīkoi

Everyone, everywhere should know how to prepare for tsunami and what to do to be safe. It’s important to know what to do if you feel a long or strong earthquake and whether or not you are in a tsunami evacuation zone.

If you are in a tsunami evacuation zone then you need to know your evacuation route or what we like to call your ‘tsunami hīkoi’. A tsunami hīkoi is a walk that takes you along your tsunami evacuation route either inland or towards high ground.

If you are interested in organising a tsunami walk for your family, organisation or your community to help spread the word then download our Tsunami Hīkoi Guide and Tsuanmi Hīkoi Poster

Tsunami Hīkoi for Families

For people living in a tsunami zone, we recommended practicing with your family. That way you'll all know where to go and where you could meet if there is tsunami. 

It is also a reminder for those who live outside the zones to think about when they might be in the zones (during their commute, taking the dogs for a walk), and how to evacuate if there is a tsunami.

If you live outside the zones you can be a safe place for friends and family who have to evacuate. 

Tsunami Hīkoi for Schools and Early Childhood Education Centres

We are encouraging schools or centres based in a tsunami zone to take part during Tsunami Week, where the schools evacuate the tsunami zones to their nearest safe location.

This is a good opportunity to remind parents and caregivers of where they should meet their children if a tsunami evacuation occurs (reminding them to meet at the school's offsite evacuation point and not to go into the tsunami evacuation zones).

If your school or centre is not in an evacuation zone, are you able to help a nearby school or centre in the zones by being the place they evacuate to?

 Tsunami Hīkoi for Businesses

We are encouraging all organisations with facilities in evacuation zones to practice their tsunami evacuation walks during Tsunami Week. We recommended doing it during lunchtime.