Take Part

We’ll make it easy and exciting to take part in natural hazard science here at East Coast LAB.

Answering the big science questions around tectonic plates, how they move, and what can happen requires lots of work. So we are asking our communities to help out our scientists and asking our scientists if they need any help. 

Citizen Science

Citizen science can be a great tool for scientific discovery and engagement. It encourages people to take part in science and learn more about their environment.

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Felt It?

If you have felt an earthquake recently, we would like to know where you were and what happened to you. This information will help us understand how your area might respond in future earthquakes.

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Tsunami Hīkoi

Do you live or work near the coast? If so, it is important to know whether or not your in a tsunami evacuation zone and your tsunami evacuation route. 

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